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Each of us will inevitably find ourselves in difficult times of turmoil, stress, misfortune, and confusion as we go through life. Being able to reach out for help during these times is in and of itself a strength and a brave act, and looking up this website may be your first step towards starting to move forward and heal.

We are here to help you through this difficult time.

A Balanced Life, Inc. is a professional therapy and counseling center designed to bring our clients a sense of peace and balance through providing quality, evidence-based counseling practices from a holistic viewpoint to educate, support, and heal individuals, families, and the community.

A Balanced Life has a team of skilled clinicians that can assist and guide you and your family through these times so that they transform into times of prosperity and growth. We believe that life-long change is possible. The entire staff at A Balanced Life is dedicated to helping you and your family reach both short and long term goals. Our highly and specially trained clinicians provide evidence-based practices  and use tools and therapies to help individuals become more self-reliant and improve their quality of life.

It is our mission to help you achieve overall wellness and mental health through quality care using knowledge, compassion, and a integrated holistic approach to help you reach a balanced life.

Issues that we treat include:

Bipolar Disorder
Child/Teen BehavioralIssues
Chronic Pain
Co-occurring Disorders
Divorce & SeparationIssues
Domestic Violence
Emotional Vulnerability
Family Conflict
Grief & Loss
Life Transition Issues
Managed Schizophrenia
Mood Disorders
Obsessive CompulsiveDisorder (OCD)
Panic Disorder
Personality Disorders
Postpartum Depression
Post-Traumatic StressDisorder (PTSD)
Relationship Issues
Substance Abuse

Call today with questions or to schedule an appointment. If we cannot assist you, we will refer you to someone who can.

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